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Welcome to the Fuji Factory

Made with earnest

B&S Corporation / Fuji Factory has earnestly produced

B&S Corporation / Fuji Factory

1498-3 Kitayama, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka 418-0112 [Map] TEL: +81-544-59-1210 FAX: +81-544-59-1233

Fermentation in the optimal natural environment

The Fuji Factory is located in most suitable for fermentation with air, water, and nature. Blessed by Mt. Fuji with the best land to produce "Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract".

Special care by the production department

Lactic Acid Bacteria used to produce the "extract" is a very delicate creature.
It must be produced under stable management in a factory that has been GMP certified for health supplements to
ensure its taste, components, and efficacy is constantly maintained.

■GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for Health Supplements

・Authorized manufacturing process
  Dietary supplement
  Formulation process(liquids)
  Packaging process(liquids)
・Authorized number
・Authorized period
  From August 12,2017 to August 11,2020

*GMP for Health Supplements: The purpose of the GMP for Health Supplements is to establish and implement the appropriate management organization from receiving raw materials to shipping final products and
ensure the quality and safety of the products by notification of proper engraving equipment.

Special care by the agriculture department

Special care is paid to the soybeans, which are the raw material for the culture media of Lactic Acid Bacteria. They are carefully grown without the use agricultural chemicals on our exclusive farm.