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Welcome to the Hachioji Research Facilities

Seeking new possibilities

B&S Corporation / Hachioji Laboratory has continued to work on research development in order to find new possibilities in the production of Lactic Acid Bacterial Extract, which is beneficial for human health.

B&S Corporation Co., Ltd. / Hachioji Laboratory

2-31-13 Akatsuki-cho, Hachiouji-shi, Tokyo 192-0043 TEL: +81-426-20-2251 FAX: +81-426-20-2256
Main research description
1. Fermentation chemistry / engineering including Lactic Acid Bacteria,
2. Development and application of food material which are useful for maintaining health,
3. Development of raw material for cosmetics,
4. Cell biology,
5. Cellular immunology,
6. Plant science

in a comfortable research facility

This laboratory is located on the top of a hill surrounded by nature in Hachioji. It is the best environment for the "Science of Lactic Acid Bacteria," which is our slogan. We seek better research achievement under a full management system.