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What is LAB Extract Fermentation?

It is a health supplement to support intestinal Lactic Acid Bacteria which tends to lack in the human body.
Not Lactic Acid Bacteria, but a "new form of Lactic Acid Bacteria", in other words, LAB Extract Fermentation.

So what is Lactic Acid Bacteria?

  1. It supports Lactic Acid Bacteria (we inherit LAB from our mothers) which is already living in the intestine of each person.
  2. 16 types of selected Lactic Acid Bacteria are fermented in soy milk. Since it is difficult for Lactic Acid Bacteria to grow in soy milk, intentionally cultivating it in soy milk increases its function.
  3. Only the effective components are extracted after maturing for one year under specific temperature conditions. Only components which is good for health are concentrated.
  4. This supplement is derived from plants and has almost no calories.

Two LAB Extract Fermentation products

LAB Extract Fermentation,
Original type

LAB Extract Fermentation, Original type

*Dilute before drinking

LAB Extract Fermentation,
drinkable type (diluted)

* Drink as is, or dilute before drinking

See the evaluation by the Japan Supplement Council (Lactobacillus Lactis)