Questions and Answers about Lactic Acid BacterialExtract

The product name, LAB Extract Fermentation "Chitsu" may sound strange, but what is it derived from?
It comes from "Chi" (wisdom) and "Tsu" (transmission). The idea behind these two Chinese characters is that "Wisdom gives birth rationality, which in turn leads to comfort."
What is the form of LAB Extract Fermentation?
LAB Extract Fermentation is a liquid. Please drink with diluting with water, etc, so that it will spread throughout the intestine.
What kind of container is filled with supplement of "LAB Extract Fermentation"?  Is it portable?
1 bottle is about 10 cm×1.5 cm, making it easy to carry.
When is the best time to drink it?
Since it is a fermented food item, not medicine, it can be taken at any time, basically. As a suggestion, "Chitsu" can be divided into 3-5 portions to be taken in one day, or one day's worth of "Chitsu" can be added to a 500ml or 1L bottle of mineral water and drunk throughout the day. For "Lactis" adding it to mineral water and drinking it in the morning is recommended.
Is it dangerous to drink too much LAB Extract Fermentation?
No. "LAB Extract Fermentation" is a fermented food, just like miso and soy sauce. There is no risk if a large amount is ingested. On the other hand, many customers have said, "When I'm not feeling good, taking a larger portion helps." However, if you are constitutionally sensitive, on rare occasions it may cause loose bowels, so please adjust the amount according to your personal conditions.
Is it safe to drink it when pregnant?
yes. In fact, "LAB Extract Fermentation" is a recommended health product for pregnant women. We have received many favorable responses from customers who are pregnant.
"My baby was born with shiny skin"
Mako's mother Kumamoto Prefecture
"My doctor said he had never seen such clean amniotic fluid. Maybe because I was drinking "Chitsu."
Naoko Konishi, Kyoto Prefecture (29 year old)
Why is increasing lactic acid bacteria is good for health?
Because lactic acid bacteria plays an essential function to maintain health, such as promoting peristaltic movement active, improving digestion absorption, preventing infection, and increasing body resistance. For details, please view the Lactic Bacteria Acid Story