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Why are your intestines important?

If you were asked, "To maintain your health, what part of your body are you most concerned about?", how would you answer? Your Stomach? Liver? Or maybe kidneys? Of course all are important. But when considering overall health maintenance, "Intestines" is most important. We encourage you to have a good "Intestinal environment." Let us explain.

Nutrients from food that enters your mouth are mostly digested and abosorbed into the body through the small intestine. If the site of absorption in the small intestine is polluted, those pollutants are absorbed into the body along with the nutrients. Actually, this is what causes illness and accelerated aging.

Whether your Intestines are clean or not is determined by the amount of good or bad intestinal bacteria, which numbers approx. 1.2 quadrillion in the intestine. The more beneficial bacteria, such as Lactic Acid Bacteria, are active in the intestines in your body, the healthier and cleaner they will be. On the other hand, when there are many unhealthy bacteria, the intestines are more polluted.

Also, your intestine is important organ of the body to provide resistance to disease. In other words, if your intestinal environment is in disarray, your body will have lower resistance and it will be easier for you to get sick.

That's why, there should always be a lot of good bacteria (Lactic Acid Bacteria), and the amount of bad bacteria should be controlled.