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Privacy Policy (Protection of Personal Information)

B&S Corporation (hereinafter referred as "this company") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the manufacture, sales, import and export of food, cosmetics, and toothpaste which are made from Lactic Acid Bacteria, and handle the personal information of our customers with care. Furthermore, we thoroughly comply with the laws and regulations on personal information protection, and continually work to improve such protection.


B&S Corporation Co.,Ltd. Masakatsu Fukui, Representative Director and Company President

  1. This company complies with the laws and regulations regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines regulated by the government, and other regulations regarding the handling of personal information, such as personal information handled throughout each business activity and the personal information of our employees.
  2. This company shall clearly determine the purpose of collection, use and provision of the information to be within the necessary range in order to carry out business. Personal information outside the necessary range to achieve the specified use purpose shall not be handled.
  3. In cases of complaint and inquiry regarding the handling of personal information, this company shall investigate the facts regarding the matter, and shall promptly respond to such matter to a reasonable degree.
  4. This company shall maintain the obtained personal information accurately and up to date, and work to prevent and rectify any leak, loss, or damage to such personal information.
  5. This company shall make due effort to continuously improve methods for personal information protection.


[Contact regarding personal information protection]
• For inquiry, request of disclosure, complaint, or consultation regarding your personal information,
please contact below.
B&S Corporation Co., Ltd. Person in charge of personal information, General Affairs Department
+81-3-3288-0115  9:00~17:00 (Closed Saturday, Sunday, and holidays)
Established Mar. 1, 2008
Revised Mar. 1, 2010